MRL Faceshield Protecting My Child Written by David Ress

Have you ever been afraid to go to a doctor’s office and catch something worse than what you have? With COVID-19 raging across the world, I had that concern for my daughter: Going in for a checkup and catching something like COVID-19. This is a real possibility, even with social distancing - ever had someone turn around suddenly to sneeze you get a full force sneeze in your face? You can read what says about sneezing/coughing/talking droplets traveling six feet.

However, in my daughter’s case, MRL provided a Faceshield for her trip. When she tried it on, she was wearing a smile - see the attached picture. She could breath! Her eyes are protected! I believe the face shield is better than a N95 mask as it covers the eyes in addition to the nose and mouth. And, as a father, I am thankful she has a face shield she can wear in close situations in the future.