How an Aerospace Company Became a Medical Device Manufacturer Written by McKenzie Hatton

MRL (Materials Resources, LLC) is a R&D defense contractor in Beavercreek, Ohio. We are a small business that combines artificial intelligence and metallic 3D-printing for implementing distributed manufacturing in aerospace, space and defense industries. So how did we end up in the medical industry? Recently, our normal way of life has been interrupted by the global coronavirus pandemic. Although we are aerospace enthusiasts and additive manufacturers, we are first scientists, engineers and researchers. To help our community, we decided to enhance our lifestyle by making personal protective equipment (PPE)! In January 2020, the first coronavirus (COVID-19) case was detected in the United States, causing fear among our nation. Since then, the amount of reported cases has been rapidly increasing and the news reveals the tremendous load on hospitals admitting more and more patients. We recognized that medical professionals are battling to save lives and our team could not stand and watch. We had to help. We recruited our scientific brains, our engineering skills, and DIY spirits and within 12 hours MRL Medical LLC was born to make the first PPE!

In less than one week of the creation of MRL Medical LLC, our team designed and manufactured MRL Faceshields that will be produced in 1000s here in Dayton, OH. Now we have a dedicated team, equipment, and tools to transition our aerospace innovation to produce various PPE (Personal protective equipment) that includes Faceshields, PAPR, ventilator valves, and more to come as our community need to fight this global disaster; we realized that it’s time to bring production home. We want to share with all DIY spirits and entrepreneurs souls the tools that arm you for the fight!

Here’s How We Can Help!

On March 22, 2020, the Ohio Health Department Director released a mandatory Stay-at-Home Order. Non-essential businesses are closing and many people are forced to stay at home. If you are looking for ways to keep yourself busy, MRL Medical LLC is suggesting a path to follow! We have designed a DIY MRL Faceshield that you can make from home! On our website, you will find drawings, measurements, an instruction manual and a materials list. Soon you can even mass produce them and maybe make a profit. We will soon produce a kit that includes dies and assembly tools that enables you to transform from a consumer to a producer. We believe everyone can be a producer in Dayton, Ohio! We will start with MRL Faceshield and then grow into other PPE for you to make from home to donate or sell to local healthcare professionals. We are fighting COVID-19 by enabling you to fight it too!

Please check out our website ( and the links below. Comment below with any questions or suggestions! And most importantly, MRL Medical wishes health and safety to you and your family!