About MRL Medical

Watching the sad news of the fast spreading virus and reading the request from various leaders to help with personal protective equipment (PPE), MRL’s scientists (Dr. Ayman Salem and Mr. Daniel Satko) designed MRL Face Shield at midnight on a cold Sunday evening. By the morning of Monday, the first prototype was manufactured and then revealed to the whole company team. The overwhelming supportive response from the aerospace team members convinced Ayman and Dan that they have their work family behind them. MRL Medical was registered and the website was up in less than 24 hours with one goal in mind; put the face shield in as many hands as possible with the following requirements (1) Reusable: to protect the limited supply of the face shield raw material they have designed it to be reusable. After every use, it can be removed and stored until the end of the day then sanitized for reuse the second day, (2) Adjustable head strap that can fit any shape or size easily, (3) exchangeable visor that can fit any head strap so after sanitization any user can simply reattach it to the head strap, (4) open source files and raw material from hardware store.

The 10 years success of MRL in the metallic 3D printing for aerospace made the company agile to design and manufacture PPE and spin off the MRL Medical LLC as a fast factory that was created specifically to respond to the demand for Personal Protective Equiptment (PPE) during the fight against COVID19.

MRL team believes in distributing manufacturing as the solution for responding to this global emergency. Hence, we are delivering the face shield in three ways

  1. DIY MRL face shield by downloading the files with the dimension, the list of hardware to be used, and the instruction and make as many as you can.
  2. Enabling you to mass produce the face shields by shipping you a kit that we designed, 3D printed and machined it for you. When you are sitting at home with free time and huge motivation to help others and possibly a desire to generate income, we can help you to become a manufacturer. We will 3D-print some dies from aerospace materials and machine various parts then send you a kit so you can start making these face shields in your garage, laundry room, or even living room. This is just the start of unleashing local manufacturing. Today could be the day you move away from a consumer category to a maker and economy builder. If you ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur or you are already an entrepreneur and you want to invest your time and energy to help the world while making a little profit, we will enable you to become the new generation of distributed manufacturers.
  3. You buy, we make and ship. For those of us who are committed to a lot of workload and still want to help, you can choose the healthcare facilities of your wish and buy them face shields from our website and we will deliver them on your behalf.

We are committed to helping our fellow human beings and hence we are keeping the Face Shield open source and even ready to send you a kit to make them on your own.

Please remember that this whole activity started less than a couple of days ago. So, we ask you to help us by sending us positive feedback and suggestions. There is so much we like to do. But a lot depends on how you will help us to help the world one face shield at a time. Buy the way, MRL facemask will be revealed in a few days.